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We design trips to Norway to make your trip a unique and exclusive experience.
Land of changing lights, known for its marvelous northern lights. Norway will enchant you with its unexpected colors: from the intense blue of the Jostedalsbreen glacier tongues, to the green and pink of the northern lights (which in winter light up the long nights in Tromsø and in the whole north), to the red of the delicious strawberries and cherries that ripen in summer, to the south the Rorbuer (the typical wooden houses of fishermen) of the Lofoten islands, to the silver of the reflection of more than a thousand fjords and lakes, to the blue of the skies.
From the spectacular fjords to the Seven Sisters waterfalls (such as Geirangerfjord), from the Sognefjord's narrowest and wildest arm, the Nærøyfjord (World Heritage Site) to the green capital Oslo, the colors of the Bryggen of Bergen, Norway and the land of elves, trolls, legends, fairytale landscapes.

Some of best travel experiences we can offer in Norway:
Visits to the falls of the Seven Sisters of Geirangerfjord; navigation in the fjords of Sognefjord and Nærøyfjord (World Heritage); walks through the beautiful capital of Oslo; visits to the old colorful neighborhood of the Bryggen of Bergen, land of the elves (trolls, legends, fairytale landscapes); visit of the city of Kristiansand; trips to North Cape; adventures with dog sleds; stay at the "ice hotel"
Visit Kristiansand and the elegant Art Nouveau architecture of Ålesund in Trondheim along the "Atlantic Road", a masterpiece of modern engineering with its 7 bridges over the ocean, up to the North Cape.

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