The multiple faces of Provence at hand


The multiple faces of Provence at hand

“Provence hides its mysteries behind their obviousness” [Jean Gionot, French writer]

The poet could not be more in the truth. Everyone has heard about Provence since Julius Ceasar. But who is she? Maybe the richest region in diversity of France, thanks to the amazing landscapes from Alpine Mountains to the famous “Cote d’Azur”, from the major city like Marseille to the steep village hidden by hills and trees.

Full of History, you will notice the marks of the Remains of the Roman Empire like in Orange and its famous Antic Theatre. But it is not only that, all along the summer many festivals (theatre, music...) will brighten up your Provence experience, as its healthy traditional gastronomy.

Many artists from France and abroad elected this region as their homeplace. Now you understand why.

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