Paris, je t’aime


Paris, je t’aime

Photo by edmondlafoto Paris Sacre Coeur

"To be Parisian is not to be born in Paris, it is to be reborn in Paris" [S. Guitry]

The French capital city, “La Ville Lumiere”, is the dream destination for whom desires to be amazed.
Well connected via its international airports, train stations and major speedways, Paris provides all the facilities needed for the best experience. Famous monuments and museums as the Eiffel Tower or the Louvres, as well as the small streets of Montmartre and the architecture of the Cathedral “Notre Dame de Paris”, are the “must see”; the great cafes and restaurants will give you a unique taste of France which will make you saying in proper French: “C’est tellement Paris!”

What can be said about Paris which has not been said already? Paris la Belle, Paris the famous, maybe the most famous, Paris is known to be a fast metropole, with incredible nightlife; but not only. Through its small streets, you will feel its magic atmosphere, turning at a corner, realizing how intimist Paris can be. While enjoying your breakfast at a terrace with a café and a delicious croissant freshly made from the morning, the melody from a street music band will make you travel in time, as it would happen in a Woody Allen movie.

When I walk in Paris, these are the small things making me in love with Paris. Paris, je t’aime, my Paris.

What will be your Paris?

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